VR Porn: First-Hand Sexual Experience

The VR industry is booming. Modern headsets provide unprecedented depth of immersion, and the format has taken over adult entertainment as well. VR has caused a porn revolution, its popularity is soaring. The number of regular VR porn viewers across the world has already exceeded 150 million, and fresh steamy content is released every day.

The reasons for the craze are logical: VR pornography offers a new, extremely realistic type of pleasure. In the past, you watched people having sex on a flat screen. Now, you experience porn, with sensations very close to real-life sex. So, how is this achieved? There are three main components accounting for the success.

Visual Depth

Since the first attempts at creating an immersive experience, the principle has remained the same. VR technology engages a number of human senses. Once you don your VR headset, you are isolated from all background distractions, and all you see is the virtual environment revolving around sex. This gadget tricks your brain into believing that you are part of something real.

You may look around and change angles as you please. Most VR porn is filmed with a 180 or even 360-degree perspective, so you are free to explore the environment. You may even examine the furniture in the room if you want. Many viewers especially appreciate “eye contact” with their VR sex partner while they are on top. There are VR porn videos with male and female POV (point of view).

Realistic Stories

VR porn scenarios are lifelike, and the experience has been compared to re-losing virginity. Furthermore, you see the performers inches from your face. With VR, porn actors and actresses are no longer small projections, they are seen in their full-size human scale.

Most commonly, your toned avatar body will be standing or lying down. You will watch it getting engaged in the sex act, and the sensations are intensified even further with the help of accessories. Today, Lovense, Kiiroo, and other manufacturers sell various sex toys which can sync their vibrations with the movements in the video. With VR, the process feels incredibly real, and the visual depth is amazing. No longer are you staring at a flat projection?

Variety Of Content

Today, there is VR porn for any taste. You can find straight, gay, lesbian, and group sex. There are clips with fetishes, from blowjobs and swallowing to creampie and 69. Do some digging in the vast online databases. The choice is truly abundant. If your romantic partner likes porn, too, you can share the experience! Modern technology even enables VR-porn threesomes!

Some Considerations

VR-enhanced content requires a little preparation. Unless you own a PlayStation 4, you will need to purchase a VR headset. Today, there are options for any budget. Some devices keep you connected to a PC, others work with smartphones. However, basic models like Google Cardboard can hardly deliver the full scope of sensations. If you need crystal clarity and details, consider getting HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

At first, looking around with a headset may feel awkward. It may take you some time to adapt, but you are bound to love the format. VR porn with synchronized toys is the closest thing to real-life sex you can possibly experience without a need for another human.