Make Porn Feel Incredibly Realistic With Twerking Butt

The Twerking Butt is an extraordinary sex toy unveiled by Pornhub in 2015. Developed in cooperation with adult company Topco, this gadget is unprecedented in its realism. In essence, it is a robotic butt that vibrates (as the name suggests) and is synchronized with a VR headset. The toy caused quite a stir thanks to the novelty of design and delicacy of lifelike features.

How It Looks

The toy does look like a bouncy human bum. Its self-healing, elastic and durable CyberSkin material imitates woman’s skin perfectly. The openings look like human genitals with all the folds and contours. The gadget was made for penetration and spanking. It weighs enough to take a beating, so do not be afraid to get really passionate!

The inside is carefully textured to boost sexual pleasure. If you were blindfolded, you could barely tell the difference. Both canals are ribbed to further enhance simulation. Not only does it move like a real body part during intercourse. It also maintains the average temperature of an actual vagina and anal canal. The gadget is meant to accommodate penises up to 7.5-inches in length.

How It Works

The vibrations of the toy can be controlled using the accompanying remote of a smartphone app. The deluxe edition of the gadget can be used independently or with a VR headset, such as Oculus Rift. It can even twerk along with your favorite soundtrack!

First-time users may find the gadget difficult to handle, as it is a complete novelty. Once you practice a bit, you are bound to adore it. Some buyers have reported developing an addiction to this thing after two weeks of use! Opt for the full experience to explore Pornhub content tailored to the toy.

Here is how to get started:

  • Connect the gadget to its power adapter and plug it in;
  • Using the remote, select between 6 twerking speeds and the same number of vibration intensity levels. To do so, press the “Twerk” button and adjust your settings using the “Up” and “Down” buttons. To cancel the function, press and hold the “Twerk” button.

To activate the VR mode, you need to first install the CyberSkin Twerking Butt app on your phone and register an account. Next, take the following steps:

  • Download the videos from the collection;
  • Pair the smartphone with the Twerking Butt via Bluetooth;
  • Slide the smartphone into the headset;
  • Strap the headset on and enjoy.

The Price

The Twerking Butt is only sold in the US and it comes in two variants. The classic one priced at  $500 has no VR or twerking mechanism. The deluxe version is twice as costly but has all the features, including a VR headset and special content.

Overall, using Twerking Butt in Vr mode is the closest thing to actual sex that a porn lover may experience. Despite the price tag, it is excellent value for money. It is a wild fusion of realistic gaming and hardcore sex.