How To Watch VR Porn On PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 enables access to VR-enhanced porn without any additional purchases. Although Sony has a turbulent history with the porn industry, you can enjoy all the pleasures of immersive adult movies using their gear. With PlayStation VR, there is no need for other headsets.

Accessing Porn

Naughty content is easily accessible if you know the best sources of content. PlayStation VR allows you to use a fully functional browser. So, simply head to your favorite porn website and open the video you want to watch.

Alternatively, use one of the compatible apps. There are several options available for playing the steamy media. Download files to a flash drive and opens them using a media player.

360-degree videos

With 360-degree clips, things may get a little tricky. In the beginning, this format was not supported, but Sony has recently come up with a fix. You will be able to watch clips downloaded from popular porn databases like Pornhub or Here, you will need to exert some extra effort, but the setup should take only a few minutes.

If you absolutely do not feel like downloading the content, you could check out the softcore 360-degree porn on YouTube. Although less explicit and blurry at times, they allow you to skip the downloading.

How to Watch Downloaded Videos

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you open your files. With a little practice, you will get used to the process quickly.

  1. Go to the VR section of your favorite VR porn site using a PC;
  2. Download the videos you need in VR;
  3. Transfer the files onto a USB drive;
  4. Plug the USB drive into your console;
  5. Open the files from the Media Player (at least v2.50);
  6. Switch on the VR headset;
  7. On the Dualshock 4 controller, find and hold the options button;
  8. From the menu, choose VR mode.

Watching Youtube Videos

This involves four simple steps:

  1. Run the Youtube app on your console;
  2. Select “View on PlayStation 4”;
  3. Select “360-videos” in the menu bar;
  4. Select the video you like;
  5. Relax and enjoy the lifelike experience.

In summary, watching porn on PlayStation VR requires a little extra work. However, once you get used to the main steps, you will feel comfortable. With VR, porn turns into an immersive environment. The incredible intensity of realistic sensations is definitely worth any additional effort.



Synchronizing Sex Toys With VR Porn

VR porn is incredibly immersive, but the sensations may be intensified even further with the help of accessories. Today, the vibrations of your sex toy may be synchronized with the movements in the video also called vr joi. No wonder the adult industry was quick to develop sex gadgets specially tailored to VR-enhanced porn. Here are the five best accessories available today.


According to the company’s advertisement, they pioneered the sphere of VR-integrated toys. Today, Lovense offers one toy for females and one for males, and these are easily the most popular products on the market. Both gadgets communicate with your device through Bluetooth using the Virtualrealsex app.

The purpose of these sex toys is to sync up the reality with the content you are viewing. To enhance the realism of the VR porn environment, they match up the vibrations to the video you are viewing.

Autoblow 2

This toy was created especially for male lovers of adult entertainment. As the name suggests, it is focused on oral pleasure. Basically, this robot will give as many blowjobs as you like. The gadget will not sync up with many lips, but it is still good value for money. There are several settings, and the toy delivers a decent hand-free experience to boost your VR immersion.

Kiiroo Onyx

Another sex toy mostly catering to men, the Kiiroo Onyx works as a sheath that syncs up with and uses a Bluetooth connection. There is both an automated mode and a manual one.

With the purchase of the Kiiroo Onyx, you may also get a free VR headset and a 15-day trial at the site. Although the price tag is higher than that for many competing products, the Kiiroo Onyx has been getting rave reviews.

Kiiroo Pearl

On the women’s side of the product range, there is the Kiiroo Pearl. Devised as the ladies’ companion accessory to the product above, it will both enhance your sex with a partner, and me-time with VR porn.

The pearl connects to a secure server, and it has a variety of settings to satisfy a variety of tastes. Use it with a remote control if you like. You may even have a two-person VR experience, as the toy can sync up with another device.


If you are into music, an OhMiBod gadget is the best choice. It is more than just “setting the mood”. These accessories connect with your VR device and sync up to the music you are listening to. The line of accessories includes eight models. Each of these has its own special benefits. Using the special app, you may even sync up to adult audiobooks!